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Deft Design Media

Web Design, Online Marketing Solutions and Multi-Media Production


About Us

We are Deft Design Media, a company located in Newark, Delaware that specializes in Web Design and Development, Domain Services, Hosting, Graphic Illustration, Search Engine Optimization and E-Marketing.

What separates us from our competitors? An incredible sense of service, quality and fairness. We’re the best deal in town for a reason; our founder was brought up with a strong belief in karma and that by taking care of others, the rewards would come down the road.

We offer many innovative value-added design and seo services that must be seen to believe. Email us or give us a call at (302) 482-4942 for a free consultation and quote. Click here for a FREE Website Analysis and Consultation.

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Search Engine Optimization

Are you looking to be listed on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing searches? If so then you’ve come to the right place! Deft Design Media is a Delaware SEO Company offering Internet Marketing, SEM and Local Search Optimization! We have many locations in Delaware to serve you and our specialty is our proven and proprietary methods of Search Engine Optimization.

Although the economy is recovering from a severe recession, you can not only survive, but “thrive” by taking advantage of the most effective advertising method available to you: SEO. This solution stands for Search Engine Optimization and if you’re in Delaware then make an appointment to speak with one of our specialists! We can take your advertising and promotion strategies to the next level by helping you leverage the latest Internet marketing strategies and streamline your costs. Don’t be a follower, be a leader and get the help you need from a proven SEO expert. Are specific SEO methods will help to increase your overall sales while decreasing your bottom line. After working with us, you’ll know why we’re number one for SEO Delaware! Don’t be fooled by the competition who claim to be able to get you on first page rankings in major search engines in no time. There is no guarantee to how fast you can climb the ladder. But we have the tools to get you there the fastest! Ask for proof if someone claims to be able to do the job. We’re committed to being the industry leader and we can show you case studies of our proven SEO success. We have clients all over the US that can vouch for this. So what do you have to lose? Make the the most important phone call for your business and reach us at (302) 482-4942.

SEO Services and the cloudy sky

There are many companies that claim to put you on the front page of search engines through various tricks and techniques. At Deft Design Media, we have an expert staff that understand search engines and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) better than anyone else and there is no magic optimization trick that will put you at the top. We practice “White Hat SEO” and have proven methods that will help you reach your search potential as soon as possible. The world of search continually evolves at a rapid pace. We have learned how to build a solid foundation for our clients’ websites and we can maintain and improve your rankings through this evolution. Our Search Engine Optimization is bar none the best in its class and we’re eager to prove why! If the competition promises to get you listed on the front page immediately, then buy beware. There are scrupulous “Black Hat SEO” techniques that can get you there quick, but also get your website banned from the search engines forever. Let us teach you how to avoid ever letting that happen to your business.

What is SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and PPC (Pay-Per-Click)?

In the beginning, it takes time to get your website ranked high for your preferred keywords. That is why we recommend a PPC (Pay Per Click) Strategy in the beginning. This method of paid advertising is great for obtaining new customers, as well as for testing the market on various ad campaign success. With our guidance, we can make sure you make the best use of your advertising dollar and achieve a high conversation rate and a great return on your investment.

What else is there to SEO?

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is such a widely used term and covers so much ground in the field of web marketing. There is also Social Media Optimization, Social Networking Marketing, Viral Video Marketing, Email Campaign Management, Blog Marketing, Competitive Link Analysis, Forum Posting, Article and Press Release Management, RSS Feeds, Copywriting, Keyword Research and Analysis, Bookmarking, Local Business Submission and Optimization, and even much more! Bottom line: At Deft Design Media, we’ll take the time to explain all of these different areas of Internet marketing and will show you how to make the most of your budget and achieve the highest SEO success! Call us today and find out more.

Web & Graphics Design

Our Design and Development team consists of experienced designers with creative and programming skills involving interactive web site design, web database, e-commerce web site development, graphic design, flash, banner and logo creation.


Thinking of turning your business into a 24hr online store? Maybe you’d like customers to be able to leave you feedback anywhere at anytime or perhaps you just want your information made available at the click of a mouse. Having a web presence can make these thoughts a reality.

Small Business Help

Just starting out? If you’re a new business, we can help you with virtually all of your marketing needs – from logo design/branding to print materials to traditional/internet/hybrid marketing strategies and website. No tech talk or sales nonsense – just dependable, personal service on time and on budget. We’re been in business since 1996 and have a great deal of experience. Compare our pricing, quality, and level of service with anyone else and you decide if we’re the right company to take your Internet project to the next level.

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